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AuditWatch University is an integrated development curriculum designed toward promoting the professional growth of your auditing staff. 

Most firms don’t have the necessary time, resources or training expertise to provide an appropriate educational roadmap for their employees.  That’s where AuditWatch University comes in!  With AuditWatch University, your employees will have access to the specialized technical and professional training that is required to be a first-class auditor—and they don’t even have to leave the office.

Since its introduction in 2002, AuditWatch University has helped thousands of audit professionals, and their auditing firms, achieve new levels of client service and satisfaction.  All of our instructors are “hands-on” experts who teach practical, relevant and innovative material in an engaging and easy-to-follow manner.  Starting with Basic Staff Training and culminating with senior management level courses, AuditWatch University offers six progressive levels of training.

To learn more about the course objectives and topics covered, please click on the course name listed below.

NEW THIS YEAR: Digital Materials and Laptop Computers Required
We have switched from printed binders to interactive electronic materials.

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Course Name



Course Length

Level 1: 
Basic Staff Training

Helps new auditors start their professional career.  Recommended for new audit Professionals


4 days

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Level 2: 
Experienced Staff Training

Assists auditors as they assume responsibility for more difficult areas.  Recommended for auditors with 5 – 21 months of experience


3 days

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Level 3: 
In-Charge Training

Builds on the technical experience of course participants and introduces them to tips and techniques needed to begin daily supervision of staff.  Recommended for auditors with 21 – 36 months of experience


3 days

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Level 4: 
In-Charge Training

Prepares experienced auditors to take the next step in their development as engagement leaders challenging them to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their audits. Recommended for auditors with 3 - 4 years experience.


3 days

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Level 4.5: 
Beyond In-Charge – Taking the Next Step

Challenges auditors to take ownership of the audit process by developing efficient audit plans, effectively supervising others, reviewing staff work, working with clients, dealing with complex audit issues, and wrapping up the audit.


3 days

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Level 5: 
Beyond In-Charge "Taking the Lead"

Focuses on helping new management-level professionals improve their leadership and business skills.  Recommended for audit, tax or other professionals with 5 – 6 years of experience.


3 days

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Level 6: 
Developing the Executive Within

Helps participants enhance their effectiveness as emerging executives. For participants with more than 6 years of experience who are in or moving towards executive roles.


2 days

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Prerequisites.  Our courses do not have formal prerequisites; however, they are designed to meet the needs of the experience levels described in the course descriptions.  Participant success is much greater when they are placed in course that is most appropriate to their experience.

Cancellation Policy.  If you cancel your open enrollment session registration at least ten business days in advance, you will receive a complete refund of your registration fee, less a $100 administrative fee.  Cancellation within the ten business day window will forfeit your entire registration fee.  Substitutions are allowed at any time.

Three Different Delivery Options to Choose From

We offer three ways for your professionals to take our courses, all of them designed to make the process as simple and affordable as possible.  There’s also a special option for members of CPA associations.

Open Enrollment Seminars
We offer open enrollment seminars in major cities across the country.  Check our Open Enrollment Schedule for a list of locations and dates.   The cost is listed above and includes tuition, participant materials, lunch and snacks.  Registration deadline is always 10 business days prior to the seminar date. 

If you’re looking for a tailored approach, this option may be right for you.  Firm-specific training is conducted at your facility—for the exclusive benefit of your firm.  Benefits include lower per-participant costs, the ability to have in-depth discussions of firm-specific issues and the opportunity to help build employee morale.

If you don’t have a large enough staff to make firm-specific training an economical option, firm-hosted training may be right for you.  Your firm simply provides the training facility, you enroll your team members and then open the remaining spots to other attendees outside of your firm.

Special Benefits for Members of CPA Firm Associations
Several CPA Firm Associations have made arrangements to sponsor AuditWatch University classes for their members.  If your firm belongs to any one of these associations, you are eligible to receive these benefits.  Contact your association or AuditWatch for details.

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