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2 Days (maximum) | 16 CPE Credits | Auditing, Accounting, Governmental | Intermediate

With this series, you can choose to attend the sessions that are most important to you.

Day 1: Performing Effective and Efficient Single Audits
1 Day | 8 CPE Credit Hours (Auditing (Governmental)) | Basic
In this session you will learn the key responsibilities of the auditor including how to determine major programs. Special attention is given to common single audit deficiencies, best practices, efficient and effective methods to test internal controls and compliance requirements (including sampling techniques), and development of meaningful audit findings.

Day 2: Governmental and Nonprofit Update
1 Day | 8 CPE Credit Hours (Auditing , Auditing (Governmental), Accounting, Accounting (Governmental)) | Update
In this session, we update you on recently issued and effective authoritative pronouncements affecting governmental and nonprofit entities; including accounting, auditing, ethics, regulatory, and compliance issues. This session will also address the practical implementation and practice issues related to the most significant new standards.

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