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Firm-specific seminars are conducted at your facility for the exclusive benefit of your firm. By delivering firm-specific courses you realize many benefits, including: lower per participant costs, in-depth discussions of firm-specific issues, and the opportunity to communicate other firm-specific matters and build morale.

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Our goal is to enable the success of your firm. The staff development programs we present at AuditWatch University are based on the typical needs of most of our clients. Every firm is different and may have specific training needs unique to its own company challenges. Our instructors and development team have the experience and depth of knowledge to tailor our programs to meet your staff development needs.

Pricing for custom training development varies according to the complexity of the project. The lead time necessary to prepare the training materials depends on a number of variables, including the type of content that needs to be developed and the availability of resources. It is not uncommon for a development project to take several weeks.

If there is a possibility that your firm is considering a custom training course, contact AuditWatch as quickly as possible so that we plan accordingly.

To learn more about your customized training options call +1 800 775 9866.


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